Welcome to the Trains world of David Feng

David is best known for the trains, be it his journeys, sites, podcasts, videos (on YouTube and elsewhere), books, talks, or new English norms on China’s rail and metro trains. He is at home both and based in Beijing, and, soon, also Zürich. Born in Beijing, he’s a Swiss citizen with a Chinese Permanent Resident Card.

An image of David Feng with an HSR sign in Hong Kong


(Rail / Metro / Tram & others)
(Last updated 18 Feb 2023)

7’796.395 km
100 journeys
2+ new stations

(Rail, Metro, Tram only)
(Last updated 18 Feb 2023)

520’220.999+ km
4’448+ journeys
2’512+ stations

As a passenger

David Feng next to a Eurostar train

He’s clocked up over half a million km around nearly 20 countries, with plenty more travel plans after the global end of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Yearly Travelogue | Lines Travelled: Rail, Metro, Tram | Stations Visited: Rail, Metro, Tram

As a professional

A picture showing David Feng training station crew in Shanghai on proper rail English terminology

He’s introduced new norms for English passenger services across China, as well as taking a particular interest in railway station and smartphone app usability.
Everyday Rail English | Everyday Metro English | #railapp

As a public speaker

An image of David Feng doing a trains-related talk at TEDxFengdongSquare

David has talked about trains at TEDx, to railway PR professionals in China, and across many conventions, events, and groups across Europe, Asia, and Oceania.
Offline talks | Online talks | Book David Feng for your rail talk

As a podcaster and video producer

David Feng preparing to record content into a microphone

From his first radio show in 2004, to his present-day podcasts, David’s been talking about trains in front of the microphone the world over. In July 2023, David started his own YouTube channel.
David’s podcasts | Podcasts featuring David | YouTube clips

As a pro-rail visionary

An image of David Feng next to a Lao LCR train at Sipsong Panna station, China

Whenever possible, David will travel by rail; rather than especially flying short-haul, he believes it makes more environmental sense to go by rail. His visions for rail advocate their continued development, in China, Europe, and abroad, including especially developing and emerging economies, and modal shift from road to rail, and from air to rail over feasible distances.

Chronicling stations around China

An image of David Feng presenting and filming at Hangzhou West Railway Station

Since 2017, David has been going to stations across China, filming and snapping away pictures in an attempt to travel to every one of them. The original goal was to end the trek in early 2022 at Taizicheng, the station closest to the ski pistes of Beijing 2022. The calamitous Covid-19 pandemic meant this did not happen as planned. With filming recommencing in 2023, the new goal expands itself as a lifelong project to also visit every metro station and tram stop across Greater China.